Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is a personal trainer really worth the investment?

It's no secret that I'm getting older. Not that I'm old, mind you. I'm only in my early 30's - aka the "new 20's". While this has been my best decade ever, the truth is that I can't eat all the crap I used to and go on about my usual business without adding a pound here or there. I'm not unique. This happens to everyone in my age bracket - expect the rare few (like my brother) that never seem to gain an ounce because they have a superhero metabolism or have an IV of Rockstar or Monster hooked up to them.

So, in an effort to retain my youthfulness, I did what most people do - I joined the gym. Yes - I have hit that stage in my life. I suppose it could be worse - normally I call this the "watch infomercials and buy exercise equipment you'll never use except to sell at a garage sale" stage. I suppose I could also refer to this as the buy a gym membership and never go stage for some people to. But I am going to go! Why? Because I commited to running the Harrisburg Mile and I am not ready in any way, shape or form.

So when you join the gym, you get one visit with a professional trainer. (insert workout session, exhaustion, and sales pitch here) Then they show you the price tag to continue to endure their hardcore workouts - which honestly, were pretty rock solid awesome. That said, awesome or not, I'm a cheap ass. It's $149 to say yes I want a personal trainer and then $40-$60 for half hour sessions with them and regular report cards to ensure you are meeting your goals. I wonder if it's worth it? Is it? Please spare me the - can you put a price on your health? Realistically, though, I'm wondering if I can just find some programs online...tonight at Boston airport, I'll be looking into that. If anyone knows any good sites - please drop them off in a comment!

Until next time, have a great morning and wonderful day - me!