Friday, September 26, 2008

My Art Envy in the Hands of a Sharpie Expert...

I often wonder when I will find or make the time to do things I love, like paint, draw, and be my artsy fartsy self...I wanna be more like this guy...

$10, some sharpies, and lots of talent...i am full of art envy...\

My resolution before the year's end...find time to be more like me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pumpkin carving - no mess!

For kids or adults feeling youthful...

Go to the Pumpkin Simulator web page below. When pumpkin comes up press reset so that the cutter comes up. Hold your left button down on your mouse key and you can carve your pumpkin.

Have Fun.

Pumpkin carving and no mess!!! Happy Halloweenie!

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Green

This will be an evolving blog where I add things as I can...


Some new sites that promote reuse and recycling in great ways that almost anyone can benefit from!Trade books, movies, music, and games here:

I am an active user on swaptree and it's one of my favorite sites.

Goodwill gets Trendy:

Article –


Internet auction site:

Freecycle - give and receive freely

The How to Wiki - I love this fun site!

Being environmentally conscious:

Reduce waste:
I send a bazillion (not literally, but you get the idea) emails a day, and have decided to add this to my signature line for all emails for two reasons - 1) in hopes that people will stop and think before they needlessly waste paper, 2) maybe others will copy and add it to their emails so that they can spread the quick intervention this tag might enable.
P Please consider the environment before printing this message

Recycling cans:

Check out


Great way to recycle and benefit the community at the same time - and a nice way to help our companies go Green. :)

Home reuse/recycle:

If I forget my fabric bags (not paper not plastic), I also like to save my grocery bags and reuse them at the next trip to the store, as garbage bags, as packing for things I'm sending, etc.

Donate your old blankets and such to the ASPCA

Donate old clothes to local churches, Access York, or at receptacles on virtually every corner for PlanetAid

I often give good used clothes to friends or family with younger kids...but consigning is cool too if you have the time.

I have an ongoing yardsale/donate pile in my basement.

I donate my unused art supplies and toys that I probably won't use to daycare, along with old letterhead my company was going to throw out. Kids don't care about the letterhead if there's white space to color and draw on.

Donate unused binders to local schools - Tyler's middle school gave them out to kids that needed them because binders can get expensive.

Sell your stuff on eBay or Craigslist (beware of scammers asking for your phone and address) - I have several friends that do this and are quite successful at it. I would if I had time to hit the post office...maybe I'll try it out soon. :)

Taking care of you and being informed...

For dyers...(Like my HUSBAND)

Feel free to add to my list!!!!