Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pizza Box Races and a Gracious Brother

After being away all week, I was REALLY looking forward to Robbie's basketball game. I heard the one he had while I was away rocked the Bobcat spot! The game was just as awesome as the last from what I hear...and he played like a little basketball star that he is (with his heart in the game having fun!). When he was done, we hopped in the car and I beamed with pride as we debated what to do for dinner. Two seconds later, Tyler was recommending Cici's Pizza, which has only been around for about 4 months. So we headed over.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Mitch (aka the Owner) who immediately commented on Robbie's basketball outfit. I beamed more about my little basketball star by gushing about his stardom. Mitch responded with dinner on the house for Robbie. Robbie was completely thrilled, and humble about the entire experience.

Throughout dinner, Mitch came by to check on us, and at the end of dinner, he arrived at our table with boxes for a pizza box making contest for the boys. Robbie made two to get the process down while Tyler was in the bathroom washing his hands. Tyler came out and the game ensued. As Robbie began making his box, Tyler stopped to make a big deal about looking over to "see" how Robbie was doing it so he would "know" how to make the box. Robbie was so proud to have his 13-year old brother looking to him for lessons on pizza box making. Tyler graciously lost to Robbie, who had the perfect night; all in all, it was a perfect night for all of us.

What more could you ask for...a great game, time together, the boys getting along, a decent dinner, a fabulously fun host (Mitch at Cici's), and two sons bonding over a pizza box race. If you haven't been to Cici's you should check it out and have their cinnamon buns.

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