Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My OCD works for me...

There is a continuous debate in my home over who is OCD, what are they OCD about, who in the house is the least dysfunctional. This war has waged for years! And I am comfortably happy that it will continue to do so until the day I become a part of the Earth.

When I think about OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), I think of...the inconveniences that come with it, the bickering, the anxiety over doing or not doing something in particular. Suffice it to say, the unpleasantries have typically reigned as the sole focus. Recently, I've realized that my OCD has an upside. A major one in fact. One that makes an inconvenience not feel inconvenient at all. What could be good about OCD, you ask?

Let's put this into perspective of tonight's events when my realization came to be. I was at the store picking up my much needed things when I arrived at the checkout. I then realized that I had forgotten my fabric bags (my damn memory and ADD). What do I do with all this stuff they want to shove into plastic bags. It's not rocket science of course. I say, no plastic bags, thank you. I elected to put everything in the cart just like it was when I approached the counter. Was it convenient? Not really, but I don't want to use plastic bags anymore. I also insist on recycling, even if I have to (gulp) dig my hands into the nasty garbage to do so, even if I'm doing it at work after others. I will always consider myself and my family a work in progress - knowing there is always more that can or should be done - it's just yet to be discovered. The bottom line is that I've become obsessive, and finally my OCD is worth something.
It's so important to realize these things are things we HAVE to do, even if no one is watching. As always share links below if you want.

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